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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 14, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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can you keep your eggs out of the refrigerator and how long can you keep them? answers like these and more when we talk to an expert about egg safety. >> well i'm guessing you should not keep them out. >> sometimes they are not in the frig. >> we'll have the answer for you in a couple of minutes. >> and what came first, the chicken and the egg. can we ask that? >> we won't get to that. but i have a theory. do you have the answer. >> no. i have a question about rocky and the egg yokes. >> we'll find out. i'll going to need more time for the segment. tucker has the answer to our weather questions. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. this is an easy one. very comfortabledie in the forecast later this afternoon. as our high temperatures will top out -- just a few degree cooler than yesterday. currently 68 at reagan national. 68 in ocean city. 61 out at dulles.
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and 71 in fredericksberg and a cold front coming through at this hour. not more than a few clouds across the region. unfortunately no showers or rain or thunderstorm activity today. breezes out of the north and west gusting to about 25 miles per hour. so you'll notice the breeze this afternoon. it will feel fall-like, as the winds will be brisk at times. so it will feel cooler than yesterday. a lot of sunshine and 82. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 25. so look out for the breezes. more details on the forecast. generally a good one. we'll look at the hurricanes in a couple of minutes. that's right hurricanes. back to you tony and allison. and our top story today, it is primary day in d.c. and in maryland and hem are ping to the -- people are heading to the polls. and that includes the race for mayor and prince george's county executive. stacy cohan is in prince george's county, but we start with matt acland live in
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northwest with the latest on the mayor's race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's first talk about an issue we've been hearing about from the board of elections here in d.c. it has to do with the electronic voting machine that are new in some precincts. we're told at six different locations there have been issues with electronic machines. apparently it is training that is the issue. the people that were supposed to set them up and use them today had some problems setting them up. about six machines not working at this point or maybe they have been fixed at this point. but at last talk to the elections officials they told us they are having some issues. but the precincts are still open. you are still able to go in and fill out a ballot like i did this morning with a pencil and paper. basically the easy way of doing it instead of going to the new high-tech machines. now let's talk about the candidates.
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a busy morning. a lot of them up very early this morning. we have some video of vincent gray this morning voting at the precinct near his home in southeast, along alabama avenue. that happened about an hour and a half ago. he voted there near his home. also we have been told that adrian fenty also voted near his home on 13th street northwest. we're in the process of trying to get that video. it's on the way back to the station. we'll get it on as soon as possible. but we do have some video about 5:30 this morning of a rally that fenty held this morning to kick off this big day. he had it there. this was near his campaign headquarters on georgia avenue around 5:30 this afternoon. we're told both candidates will be very city. they plan to crisscross the city and shake as many hands as possible, followed by an evening of watching the
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election results coming in tonight. we should also point out one last thing. if you are not registerstrict a are a resident here, you can still go to your local polling place and you can register right on the spot. just bring your driver's license and if you have already registered as a republican, and want to switch over to democrat, you cannot do that. you have to do that months ahead of time. and if you want to vote today and live in the district, you just go down and sign up. that is the very latest here. we'll send it to you guys in the studio. also in the district, voters are casting ballots for delegate to the house of representatives, chairman of the d.c. council and several council positions from wards 1, 3, 5 and 6 and choosing the at- large member of the d.c. council. the district isn't the only place with important primaries today. in maryland voters will cast
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their ballots for the primary and government race. and some will decide who will be the next county executive. stacy cohan is live in greenbelt with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke with two of the leading candidate for county executive to came here to eleanor roosevelt high school to talk to us and to shake hands with supporters. one of the two is mike jackson. he was at a rally this morning in upper marlboro and you're looking at voting taking place at a church in upper marlboro. we're told it's been sluggish this morning and they are expecting that to pick up as the day goes through. mike jackson has been sheriff here in prince george's county for the past eight years and is hoping to take the vase for county executive. his opponent is rushern baker serving in the state allegation from the general assembly. he has run twice before and both times being defeated by jack johnson. he's opening the third time is
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the charm. i asked the candidates during this tough economic time what they think they can do to help this county survive a shrinking budget. here is what they said? >> it's almost better to manage in hard times because then it tells you what your priorities are. and i made it clear my priorities are education and public safety and we have to figure out ways outside of that to bring money in. because the pie is only so big. it's like a pizza. it's not growing any longer. i don't care how you slice it, it's still the same pizza been we -- and we need to make that the whole and the spokes and that's how we'll open. >> reporter: and there are state primaries, senators and delegates and the top prosecutor job is up for grabs and there are several running in the democratic primary with a chance to run that seat.
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we'll keep you updated all day long, i'm stacy cohan, fox 5 news. and we're following primary elections around maryland this morning. polls are open in maryland, montgomery, charles, prince george and other counties are hosting races for council commissioners, sheriffs, states attorneys, court clerks and treasurerrers. fox 5 has complete coverage for you. we'll be live on campaigns throughout the day and we'll bring you the poll results here on fox 5 and on and in other news, we continue to follow developing news out of iran where state television is reporting that sarah shed, one of the three caught hiking in iran has been pled. her family pled to have her half
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million dollars bail lowers. she is free today. and now to some orange big stories -- other big stories this morning. someone was shot outside of popeye's. there was no word on the armored guard's position. a dispute offer a speed bump turned deadly. the employee was tied up and shot. as bob barnard reports, the victims passionate campaign to get a speed bump in front of his house may have been what got him killed. >> reporter: police say steven carr was shot to death inside his home on sunday night by a
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neighborhood, david patop. he lived just apr the corner, carr lobbied to get into the front of his house on field master drive. >> it's really sad and unfortunate to think people can fly off the handle that much over just a speed bump. >> reporter: police say carr and his girlfriend were watching tv and when paton forced them into a room. and then his roommate showed up, and when he gave chase the woman ran to the bathroom and called 911. >> it's incredible. don't believe it. >> reporter: next door neighbor willis palmer knew somebody was upset over the speed bump. >> that would be for a period
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of a week. they would honk overnight. >> he was going to drive into his driveway and they blocked his way and they had talk and he finally got into a driveway and i think a man got into his car and after that steve took him to court. >> reporter: paton was charged for misdemeanor assault. the court date was set for this thursday. bob barnard, fox 5 news. well it took more than 40 years to build, but the fairfax county parkway is about to 70. the $124 million project is critical with the military relocating 20,000 jobs next year. it pushes the federal government to pitch in. the final section becomes fully operational next week. it will link route 7 in the forth to route 1 in the south. northrup grumman will shell out $250,000 for an independent review of the massive computer
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failure that cause off state services in virginia. they weren't able to issue driver's license for a week because of the failure. northrup grumman could end up facing penalties if there are findings of fault. a woman and her victim's advocate will talk about how we don't report the crimes. we're back in a moment. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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we are about to discuss a topic that can be hard to talk about and listen to, but it is extremely important information. so if you have small children watching you may want to send
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them to the other room. later today a subcommittee will hold a hearing about rape and why don't more victims come forward and how we can work to change the trend. katherine hull with the rape abuse and in seventy national network is with us this morning. >> good morning. >> and julie wild who is a rape survivor. both women join us to talk about this extremely important topic. and katherine. let me start with you. the hearing today is at 2:15. why are we looking at this issue and i'm sure you'll tell us its way overdue. >> absolutely. this is a crime that happens every two minutes. every two minutes someone in the u.s. is sexually assaulted. and this is one of the least reported crimes. we really need to examine why victims are not coming forward and also more importantly how
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is this impacting conviction rates? currently 15 out of every 16 rapists will never spend a day in jail and that means they're out on the street and readily available to kit more crimes. >> are youen youraged -- are you encouraged we are talking about this? >> absolutely. that we talk about its prevalent but that there is a support network for survivors and to help the help they deserve following an attack. >> julie, you are someone who is speaking out and by doing that is empowering other men and women, mainly woman, who have been the victims of sexual violence. you are testifying today? >> yes. >> if you could tell us your story and you have chosen to be so vocal about your story. >> my story begins october 16th, 2002. my son and i went to pick up my
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daughter from church preschool at 12:00 noon in the middle of the day in a very safe day in the middle of miami and i was carjacked and driven out of the everglades. i was raped four times in the presence of my children. after i returned, many hours later, beaten and bloody, my attacker simply walked away from the car and that was that and i was left to deal with the aftermath of what happens to a person and to a family when they've been violently assaulted. >> was the person ever brought to justice? >> he was. it was an extremely long process. it was a four-year process from the time i called 911 until the time the sentence was handed down. but i'm proud to say he received seven consecutive life sentences plus 15 years for what he did to my family. >> you had the fortitude to stick with this. you had the support to do this. when a lot of people, i would imagine, because it is a painful topic, simply don't want to deal with it.
9:18 am
do you think that that lends itself to this low reporting of cases. is it young people or students don't report this and 10% of men are raped and hardly any of them report it. do you think it's too painful. >> absolutely. and you feel like you're being violated all over again every time you talk about the story. but in many case i was given outstanding support from the officers at the scene, to the rape treatment center to the state's attorney's office that handled my case. they all sustained me through the process. even when giving up seems like the easiest thing to do, they kept encouraging me to push on and at the end of the four years it paid off because this man will serve seven full life sentences behind bars. >> katherine, the truth behind the matter is, as you said, a lot of the perpetrators never
9:19 am
spend one day in jail. what are you hoping this hearing will do and what this might be the catalyst for? >> we're hoping the hearing will be able to examine the stories and speak with experts that are familiar with the issues and what are the barriers to reporting and how can we look at those barriers and inform victims and potential victims of availability to report. we also want to look at the issues happening in our criminal justice system and our courts loving to move forward with prosecution. we know that these are clear criminals and they're not only raping. their victims and committing other crimes. so the sooner we can get these individuals off the street, the safer our community will be. >> i want to pass along the
9:20 am
number to the sexual assault hotline, it's 800-656-hope. and i wonder if there are things you can pass on to those not wanting to testify or a victim who feels like a shell of their former self. >> i want them to know that there is support through rain, rape abuse and in seventy -- incest nationally. and closure is not a myth, it is a real part of healing and it's not until you take the steps and address what happened, you don't niecely even to report what happened, although i deally that's what we are working for. and you need to take the steps to healing and there are people out there willing to help you do that. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tony over to you. president barack obama
9:21 am
showed up at a home in fairfax talking about the economy. >> it's a beautiful neighborhood. >> before i say anything more, i'm remiss -- >> the president took a break from formal speeches to discuss plans for reviving the economy. he spoke to people at a school and said small businesses and in vesting are the keys to success. >> if we can get small businesses growing and in vesting and opening their doors and hiring new workers, that's probably going to be the area where we can make the most progress over the next year in terms of accelerating unemployment and reducing the unemployment rate. >> the president is hoping the senate will pass the small business and jobs bill but republicans are not in favor of another stimulus saying they were not allowed to propose the
9:22 am
tax cuts. and the gas explosion and we'll look at video and look into the investigation that caused the explosion coming up next. plus what happened to the oil that leaked into the gulf of mexico from the bp well. one group said they've found it. it. we'll tell you where.
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go t
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making headlines, incredible surveillance video at time of the massive gas line explosion in northern california. so far the explosion destroyed 37 homes and four people were killed, several are missing. pacific gas and electric say they have started a $100 million victims fund. >> my heart goes out to my neighbors and the lives lost. i'm really shocked at what i'm
9:26 am
seeing right now. >> it's not just the physical reconstruction, but the mental reconstruction that will have to take place and that will effect our city and individuals and our citizens for many, many years to come. >> pg&e gave the city $3 million to cover expenses. the pipe in california was 50 years old which is the similar life expectancy. there are similar lines all oar the nation. university of georgia researchers have found oil on the sea floor in the gulf of mexico. it is up to 80 miles away from the deepwater horizon well. it levels two inches deep. it is some of the crude oil that had supposedly disappeared. there is testing to see if the oil is from the bp well. the death toll from a plane crash in venezuela is up to 15 but 36 people did survive.
9:27 am
51 people were on board. workers from a steel mill pulled people from the smoking wreckage. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. the latest food scare, salmonella in eggs. now congress wants to know how the eggs were contaminated. so how can you handle eggs to keep you and your family from debting sick. we have an expert in the studio next with tips. plus hurricane igor is gaining strength and tucker up next -- is up next with a look at the storm. we'll be right back. it's 9:27. thkeac
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this is hurricane igor churning in the atlantic. these pictures are coming in from the international space station. the storm is packing powerful winds, up to 135 miles per hour. those are -- you know, taken from that view, and that advantage point, it's actually
9:31 am
-- it's beautiful to see. >> i was just thinking the same thing. they are beautiful. >> tucker is here with us now to tell us about igor and where it may be going and all of that. great pictures though. >> yes. fabulous. >> but it could be a mon store -- a monster storm right now. >> but it's not near any land areas. we'll have to see. but it looks like bermuda will be threatened toward the end of the weekend and likely to still be a hurricane. not here against the eastern seaboard but those in bermuda need to pay attention to it. around here the weather forecast is an easy one. and if you step outside, you'll say this is the perfect time of year around here. >> if it could stay like this, this would be okay. >> a lot of sunshine and comfortable temperatures and we cool off at night. here we are. 75 at reagan national. 71 in annapolis. 70 in leonardtown.
9:32 am
and fredericksberg is 79. in manassas 73. in frederick, 72. so pleasant start for the day. we had a cold front slip through overnight and that will bring us cooler and drier air. we'll dry out the atmosphere this afternoon. you'll notice crisp blue skies and winds will pick up out of the north and northwest, gusting to about 25 miles per hour. so it will be a little breezy around here this afternoon but other than that, picture perfect. one we get rid of the clouds it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. and a quiet couple of days. our next chance for any rain shower activity is late in the day on thursday. thursday night and friday, maybe some scattered showers around here as we get a weak area of low pressure. down to the tropics. this is igor, maximum winds 135 miles per hour, gusts over 60. a very intense storm tracking west northwest at 8 miles per hour. the good news is it will be pushed to the north and east and stay out to sea. but i did mention that the
9:33 am
small island of bermuda will be threatened by late in the day on saturday and sunday. so we have to watch it carefully as it's a formidable storm. we now have a new hurricane. this became a hurricane at the 5:00 a.m. hour. this is hurricane julia. maximum winds about 75 miles per hour. looks like julia will stay out to sea as well but very active time of year here and we have to watch the caribbean. and our forecast great. lots of sunshine, breezy. 82 degrees, the winds gusting north and west at about 25 miles per hour. so breezy afternoon. tonight picture-perfect. 62 degrees and a couple of clouds. very comfortable sleeping weather. winds out of the west at about 5. and the five-day forecast, nice time of year. wednesday and thursday, bright sunshine. clouds late in the day on thursday. could be overnight showers thursday into friday but we get it out of here for the start of the weekend. right now saturday has sunshine and 80 degrees. now let's give it over to tony
9:34 am
who will know anything you know about eggs. >> yes. i have an expert that will answer your questions in a few moments. perishable food items like eggs should be taken care of to prevent illness. in light of the recent outbreak of salmonella associated with eggs, there will be a congressional hearing. and food and nutrition expert edie hogan joins us with everything you need to know about egg safety. thank you for coming in. as you were sitting here when we talk about this at the top of the show and clearly even reasonable people have questions about how do you store eggs and how long are they good after the expiration date. and first let's talk about eggs in gem. eggs, my understanding, is they are a safe food generally. >> absolutely. and i don't think we don't want to scare the consumer. this recent outbreak was
9:35 am
isolated. we have to keep that in mind. we have fortunate to have one of the safest food supplies in the world and eggs are a good source of a lot of a lot of good nude--- nutrients. >> and salmonella, is that mostly contained in eggs? >> most of them don't have salmonella and eggs are pasturized and handled very carefully in terms of being watched. you need to know how to handle, store and cook eggs. >> one of the questions that came up at the top, both allison and i have known people who keep eggs out on the kitchen counter. >> no. they should be refrigerated at all times, and that includes in the store. and there is one exception,
9:36 am
when you go to the farmer's market you get some of the eggs that were laid that morning. you have a little longer in terms of how long you can use them, up to a month. >> but when you get those home should you refrigerate? >> right away. and you should use a closed container and always make sure you put it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. should be a stable temperature of about 40 degrees sente grade. >> and a lot of refrigerators come with the handy egg caddies and for the longest time i was taking them out of the carton. >> and that's not good. particularly if it's on the door. because opening and closing the door, you are exposing them to temperatures that are unstable. >> so the key is to keep it at a consistent level. >> and it does start at the shore, you feed to look to make
9:37 am
sure ey are kept cold. and check the refrigerate date -- the expiration date. use them by that date. that's what the expire means. >> does the expiration date take into account the seven-day lag? >> yes. and you can get a number of different branded eggs which have the expiration date on them also, but they have the addition of having extra nutrition to them. but when you get them home, i bring mine home in a refrigerated bag to be on the safe side and put them in the refrigerator. but what happens if you open them and a couple have broken. you don't have to toss them. if you put them in an air tight container and use them within a couple of days. >> and you talk about when people are cooking with eggs, you only want to use the number of eggs that you want to use. don't take all of them out. >> first of all they cook better when they are at room temperature but why have them
9:38 am
all sitting out when you are only going to use a couple. one your hands before you start cooking and make sure the surfaces are clean. and then after any utensil you use, i just put it right in the dish machine, but get it off the counter so you don't cause contamination. >> because it is easy for the bacteria to cross. >> yes. >> very g. and you mention people should cook their eggs earlier. and we know the scene in the movie rocky and some people still drink the raw eggs for protein. >> no raw eggs. if you want extra protein, just get dried eggs and mix them in. >> the powders eggs? >> yes. and you can get eggs in cartons now in the refrigerated section. they also have to be refrigerated. that's a convenience thing.
9:39 am
>> edie hogan. thank you very much. everything we needed to know about? >> i asked first, which came first the chicken or the egg, but i enjoyed edie's real information. >> we'll get to that another time. that's a philosophical discussion. >> thank you. >> thank you, allison. health officials are concerned this morning about the appearance of a superbug. we're going to tell you where the bug has been found and we have more about the elements that have scientists so worried. and she was the country's first recipient of a fully near face transplant and now she's asking you and i to take action. what she is urging everyone to do. first here is another look at today's trivia question.
9:40 am
was it alexandria graham bell, thomas edison, samuel moreis, or henry ford? the answer is coming up later. much more ahead this morning. keep it right here.
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a health alert this morning. health officials are concerned about a newly discovered superbug genech they believe it can turn bacteria into superbug that's resist nearly all antibiotics. the cdc reports three patients in massachusetts, california and illinois were infected with different types of bacteria that contain this gene. now all had recently been to india where the problem is thought to be widespread. a new government-funded study said there is no link between autism and childhood vaccines with the mercury based
9:44 am
preservative. researchers from the cdc tracked more than a thousand children born between 1994 and 1999 after reviewing immunization records of the children and mothers, they found no link between vaccinations and the development of autism. the recipient of the first nearly total face plant is urging for donors. life bank coordinates donations throughout cleveland. 56% of people in ohio are registered donors. that number is more than 30% nationwide. >> we don't have enough donors to donate. they said it would take me five years, we never dreamed we could get somebody to donate that soon. >> she suffered severe face and bone injuries when she was shot by her husband in 2004. she is still recovering and dealing with swelling.
9:45 am
one organ and tissue and eye donor has the potential to save up to eight lives and help more than 50 people. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, the blizzards we saw this past winter are creating a new blizzard of activity at local hospitals. we're going to explain it after the break. plus a native washingtonian and season 2 winner of the bett's sunday best. ive anna crawly joins us to perform. don't go my where. we'll be right back. ksgo t ere's nothing we love more
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we told you yesterday that holly is out in l.a. getting a preview of fox's fall lineup. >> and she's sending us pictures back to share her experiences here -- or there and make us jealous.
9:49 am
here she is with -- well that wouldn't be john voight. that matthew morrison from glee. >> yes. >> he's the glee club teacher. >> and you can catch the lady gaga episode tonight on fox 5 and the new season starts next week. and stay tuned over the next few weeks for holly's interviews with the characters out there. >> that turned into a promo. the information you're seeing right now is about deanna crawly. we'll have her coming up. but first something else to tell you about. >> remember seven months ago when we were buried in the snow. well many of you did snuggling up, tony, and that means a baby boom. >> some doctors say they are delivering more children than usual in about two months. >> we've seen a tremendous surge into the fall for the number of deliveries. >> now other doctors we talked to say their patients readily
9:50 am
admit they are having blizzard babies. >> there is a joke in there about you being at work and another baby, but i won't get into it. because in studio we have a special guest, native washingtonian. >> she was the winner of the bett's sunday best and deanna crawly recorded her song at number two on the gospel billboard chart. she's with us now. congratulations, good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> have things been a whirlwind since the bet thing? >> absolutely. i love it. i'm excited. >> and we're reading in your bio, you beat out thousands of people for this spot. and i think what is interesting here at fox 5 is american idol said you have a good voice but not what they were looking for. >> but i'm glad they denied me
9:51 am
because i went on. >> how are things going? >> things are going great. i have an al bum in stores now. it debuted at number two which is awesome for a new artist. and then i'll be in glenarden in october. >> yes. i was there last year and i'm excited they invited me back. it's an awesome conference. and i encourage all of the women to come out. i'm doing a lot of promos and i have the craw cats behind me. and we're just spreading the gospel everywhere we go. >> what are you going to do this morning? >> i'm going to do the promise,
9:52 am
my single. >> deanna crawly. >> the promise. [ music ] ♪ everybody doubted me. ♪ and said that i would never be,. ♪ everything you promised me. ♪ it's thment that i dare to dream. ♪ in the company. ♪ deep inside my heart i know, i know that you made me a promise. ♪ a promise. ♪ the promise. ♪ everything else is worth it.
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♪ everything else is worth it. ♪ the promise, the promise. ♪ now i know you're not a man. but i trust you never broke a promise, never crush my pride or dreams. ♪ but i'm handing right here, standing my ground. ♪ and in your love for the purpose i found. ♪ i promise together, forever. ♪ i believe, i believe, yeah. ♪ i believe, i believe. ♪ i believe, i believe, yeah.
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♪ everything else is worth it. ♪ oh, wooh. ♪ everything else is worth it. ♪ the promise. 
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we want to clarify something we reported about the primary race for prince george's county executive. >> we stated that democratic candidate rushern baker was not available for comment until an evening event which is why we did not hear from him in our report. we want to make sure viewers know that was the situation yesterday. not today. in fact stacy cohan spoke with baker this morning and shared his comments earlier this hour. >> very good. now we've got tucker barns with a look at the five-day forecast. >> great looking day. in fact temperatures just a little cooler than yesterday with a nice breeze out of the north and west. 82 for an afternoon high. notice the next couple of days, a lot of sunshine. and clouding up late on the day on thursday. we need the rain. we'll get light showers for the first part of friday
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